At the end of 2017 we toilet twinned our magnificent castle thunder box toilets with some in Malawi, providing decent toilet facilities for the first time for a remote rural community. In all we’ve got 22 loos and we aim to have twinned them all by the end of 2019 – sooner if you’d like to sponsor one for £60.

But while we work towards that we’re not sitting idly on our backsides! Because bottoms are a big part of what we do we’re putting our best bums forward for the developing world. We’ve embraced a new brand of toilet paper – appropriately called Who Gives a Crap So, if you do give a crap, here’s why we’re doing it:

  • 50% of the profits go to Water Aid, providing clean water a sanitation throughout the developing world
  • The loo paper is 100% recycled from office stationery meaning that you can satisfy yourself knowing you’re likely wiping your bum on some correspondence from one of there high street banks!
  • No chlorine. inks, dyes or perfumes are used in the loo paper’s production

It may not be quite as silky soft as the brand you use at home (although we think it comes pretty close) but it has been 100% tested on human bottoms and for the few days you’re here you can feel good knowing you’ve made a massive difference to a community’s life and health without any significant inconvenience whilst you were visiting the conveniences.

There are even suggestions of how to re-use the colourful wrapper each roll comes in – bathroom bunting, a bookmark for your favourite loo-time read, and emergency pocket hankie or some lightweight writing paper for an old fashioned letter.

So together, let’s flush poverty down the loo

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