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Augill’s Aberdeen Angus’

With the ongoing problems in the food supply chain due to Brexit and the pandemic so out of our own control we have taken matters into our own hands to shorten the journey from field to fork.

Augill Castle sits at the centre of a small estate and in 2021 it has transformed into the start of a working farming enterprise. A visit to Augill now means you may encounter cows including our two Aberdeen Angus’ raised from calves, sheep including some rare breeds, pigs and a dazzling variety of rare breed chickens.

We are aiming to raise livestock to breed and to supply the castle and reduce the journey from field to fork to literally a field! It’s early days and none of our animals are ready. There may be some Augill sausages and bacon on your plate for breakfast by January – although eggs from our resident hens are already a staple of the breakfast menu.

It’s an exciting time and a new venture which has captured the imagination and passion of the next generation of our family here at Augill.

Of course, there’s one animal who remains Queen of the castle and that’s Maisie, our ever obliging Cocker Spaniel. Love her (most do) or hate her (a few always will and probably everything else we do, to boot) she wants to be friends with everyone and loves a squidgy sofa.

But rest assured that you’ll never have to fight for a seat with a cow, a pig or a sheep, although our hens often visit the garden and may come pecking at your door if you’re staying in one of our Estate houses or Garden suites. It’s all part of a stay in the country in a home that’s just a little bit bonkers, after all.

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