It has been a torrid time but in hospitality our people have really been wrung through the mill.

In times of extreme stress such as those our industry has endured over the past eighteen months it is easy to let that stress overflow.

But that is never an excuse for bad behaviour at work. In line with many other leading hoteliers we are committed to providing a fair and fun place to work and to working towards creating a more positive image of the hospitality industry for a new generation of youngsters.

Gone are the days of bad tempered chefs, dragon-like head housekeepers, fourteen hour days, split shifts and six day weeks.

Never again should anybody accept coming to work and feeling scared or being reduced to tears, because if our job is to make people happy we must be happy in our job.

At Augill we have worked tirelessly over twenty four years to create a ‘happy family atmosphere’. That holds true for our team just as much as it does for our guests.

To these ends we have signed up to support two industry initiatives – The Hotelier’s Charter – Hospitality Reimagined and #FairKitchens.

Both seek to foster a new way or working in an industry which for too long has suffered a major image problem.

The Hotelier’s Charter is a commitment to ten principles of fair working practices to promote the hospitality industry as one that offers sustainable and rewarding careers not just jobs.

#FairKitchens is a movement which strives to make the industry a fairer, more inclusive and happier place to be to keep the talent we have today and attract the talent we need for the future.

At Augill we’ve been championing these values in our own small way since the day we opened and a decade ago we were proud to have founded the Cumbria Young Chef of the Year competition which inspired young cooks still at school – and their parents – to take the idea of a career in hospitality seriously.

But real change comes when an industry moves as one for positive change which is why we are so excited to be part of both these movements.

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