Welcome to the Augill Castle podcast. If you’ve been following the castle’s social media throughout lockdown you’ll know that we’ve tried all sorts of things to keep you entertained. Video tours of all our rooms in the company of Simon or Wendy. Wendy’s delightfully chaotic online Lockdown Augill Cooks cookery school back in lockdown #1. A room by room showcase of our new photography in lockdown #2.

During lockdown #3 we tried something very different. As it turned out, much less simple than it seemed. Who knew that reading a few lines into a microphone was so fraught with difficulties?

The podcast started by reprising the original blog which gave rise to my two award winning books about family life at award winning Augill – Undressed For Dinner and Stop For Breakfast.

This month the Augill Castle podcast continues with new stories written during lockdown #3. It takes a cheeky look at life from a middle class perspective through the medium of that very overlooked middle of the day meal, lunch. It’s a combination of observations of social stereotypes mixed in with a few fantasy lunchtime companions.

It’s a bit bonkers and might just sail a bit close to the wind PC-wise, but that’s really what Augill is all about so anyone who gets us and the castle will probably enjoy listening in. However, unlike the castle itself and the books, it is unlikely to win any awards for its production.

Listen to the podcast here

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